Colorado Patio Concepts’ Adjustable Louvered Patio Covers from Cardinal Architectural

  • Taupe 7
  • Taupe 26
  • Taupe 29
  • Taupe On Bronze 6
  • Taupe On Bronze 7
  • Louvered Roof 9

Built to last and designed for style, the louvered roof system from Cardinal Architectural provides you with the ability to allow sunlight in when you want it and close the roof when you don’t. All of the louvers, rafters, brackets, posts and mounting systems are structural grade and manufactured by Cardinal Aluminum in Louisville, KY. These extruded roof components have an excellent surface finish, are extremely strong, durable, fade resistant and rust-proof. Once the extrusion process is complete, each part is then immediately electrostatically powder coated to create an extremely high quality finish designed to last a lifetime.

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